I'm pleased to showcase a variety of projects I've worked on, spanning from my early days as a designer to the present. Recognizing that not everyone has the time to delve into detailed case studies, I've created this "Additional Projects" page as a convenient separate section.

Below, you'll find a curated selection of designs that represent my journey as a designer. These projects, both personal and for clients, showcase the evolution of my craft and dedication to design excellence. Take a look and explore the evolution of my work!

An Mockup of a LeadService Logo
Two different mockups of the Squirrel icon - illustration
An Mockup of a Golden Ratio Logo of the Bird
the drop branding
evane branding-mockup
doroni branding
Notebook mockup - MendM logo
An Illustration od an Owl with headphones
Sketchbook mockup with three colorfull illustration
Sketchbook mockup with two black and white illustration
Vielgrun logo design - envelope mockup
MendM Logo