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Utopia 23 is a start-up that aims to create large-scale, real-world augmented reality theater productions—think Pokémon Go meets London Theatre. The requirement was to explain the design of a typographic logo that is not too obvious, but easily recognized and conveys the brand's identity.

Tasked with crafting a typographic logo that exudes subtle sophistication while embodying the essence of the brand, I delved deep into the creative process. Every nuance of typography, spacing, and color was meticulously pondered to ensure the logo's seamless integration into the brand's identity.

The result? A design that speaks volumes through its simplicity—a harmonious marriage of minimalism and typographic finesse, brought to life by a bold, meticulously tailored font. Not content with mere static representation, I devised a horizontal variant, affording unparalleled versatility in its application.

The letter "i" is adorned with a circling symbol, serving as both an icon and a distinctive symbol for the brand. In a stroke of symbolic resonance, the addition of crimson hues to the monochromatic canvas pays homage to the storied tradition of theater—a final flourish that completes the narrative of the logo with smooth elegance.

An image about used color and fonts on this project
First Logo MockUp
Brand Identity Mockup
Business Cards Mockup
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Branding Mockup
Final Logo MockUp