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LinkedIn is one of the most used and popular websites with over 660+ million users and a revenue of $ 6.8 billion, used by every student, business, and IT professional.

Аlthough I use LinkedIn on a daily basis and I am really pleased and grateful for this platform however, as a UX-designer , I can see some flaws in the LinkedIn platform.

So, for a challenge, I decided to delve deeper into the design of their website by finding problems and proposing innovative solutions.

An image about used color and fonts on this project

Case Study

Many of us, both students and employees are in a constant search for jobs. On an average, a person who is out in the market looking for a job applies to 30–40 jobs in a day. Linkedin provides a lot of features for job search and communication, but there are few things which it misses. Obviously, a single portal cannot do it all.

The task was now clear, I needed to create (somewhere inside of LinkedIn) an attractive appointments system where LinkedIn users looking for a job could feel “safe” & efficient.

I divided the task into 2 parts:

So, the process started like this. Since most of us face this common problem I make contact with a few regular LinkedIn users and was fascinated to see of comments and messages about the design flaws of LinkedIn apps. I tried to understand and listed out all the problems which the users were facing and noted down the things which needed to be retained.

LinkedIn users looking for a job need to build meaningful connections because they don't want to miss opportunities, be exposed to strangers & lose time.

Data Analysis

I tried to analyze the current scenario in the case of applying for jobs and the post-application process and was found many cases in the workflow where a lot of time is being wasted and there can be a room for improvement in the application and interview process.

Since I have come up with the current usability flaws with the system I started to think of ideas to make the flow better. I started sketching simultaneously at the same time to come up with some features which would delight the users a lot. Here is a list of features that's nice to have:

Wireframes - Job Search

After several iterations of quick sketches, i proceeded further to create wireframes to get a sample look and understand the flow between screens. Here are the screens created.

image with mobile wireframes (job homepage and search)

To understand each feature better I have given notes on each page. This was also tested with the potential users and got an amazing feedback which says that the users love it and say that the features presented solves their daily problem of job applications & tracking.

Jobs Homepage Wireframe:

Search Wireframe:

image with mobile wireframes (job homepage and search)

Job List Wireframe:

Job Filters Wireframe:

Wireframes - Interview

image with mobile wireframes (interview)

Interview Homepage:

Selected Interview:

Calendar view:

Wireframes - Contact

image with mobile wireframes (contact)

I understood that the appointments must be related to the relationships between recruiters and users, and should help create meaningful relationships between them.

Users do not like to get messages from contacts they don’t know, so I created an appointment system where LinkedIn users looking for a job and new opportunities could feel more safe & efficient.

Profile & Contact:

The idea is the Contact button to show on the profile is when the user is contacted for the first time, after the first contact if the user approves the contact form they will receive, the profile button will be again Message.

Wireframes - Promote New Contact Feature

image with mobile wireframes (promote contact feature)

An additional challenge was to come up with an idea of ​​how to promote within the application. A Promoted Post on the home screen, as well as Notification, will be selected interaction that can use LinkedIn to introduce a new feature:

However, adding a new feature will require full research on my part on how to introduce new complex features in existing apps. Obviously just including the alert in the home screen and a notification is not enough to motivate people to use Contact.

Homepage Post & Job feed redesign

Although the latest version of LinkedIn has been greatly improved with the latest redesign, there is still room for improvement.

Below is a comparison of the current LinkedIn design and the new version that I designed.

Wireframes - Current & New Version Layout

Current Layout Wireframe

Current Layout

New Layout Wireframe

New Version Homepage Layout

Comparison: Current & New Version

Current Layout

New Layout

Visual Prototype

Homepage visual Prototype - jobs

Jobs Feed

Homepage visual Prototype - home



Features that are good to mention

Several more useful features that will be good if LinkedIn introduce, this time I will mention them only (with a brief explanation), but the next time it would be good to elaborate in more detail.

LinkedIn Chrome Extension

This feature will enable you to get all important notification instantly by blinking the LinkedIn icon on your Google chrome, even if you don’t open your LinkedIn profile on your browser.

Put your connects into lists

When you put your connects into lists you can select a list to just see updates from those people, and when you're writing a post update you can use the drop-down box beneath to make sure only people on a certain list can see it.

See First - Feature

What this feature does is allow you to designate what people and pages you want to see at the top of the News Feed any time you log in - on mobile or desktop. Now I can put important people at the top of my feed and never miss a post!

Unsend Messages

A feature to allow users to "unsend" or revoke sent messages on LinkedIn, as WhatsApp and Instagram does, has been one of the highly demanded features.

Layout Dark Mode

A large group of users (including me) are already accustomed to working online with "dark mode layouts", so it would be great if LinkedIn also have this feature to turn on Dark Mode.


This project was fun, redesigning the LinkedIn platform was a challenging and enjoyable experience. It was clear from my research, case studies, and surveys, that LinkedIn users desired a more job-applicant friendly layout.

It has been an incredible learning experience. And since this whole project is about LinkedIn, here is my profile is you want to "connect" with me.