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Pfiffikus is a pizza restaurant located in Bad Neustadt a der Saale, a beautiful vineyard region in German. As their business starts to grow, they needed a new website that would tell its incredible story and will show their products and make the purchase process easy.

Our brief was to design a minimalist and elegant responsive website that would help the company to distribute content and reflect its interesting history & roots.

I had a lot of creative freedom during the design process; the main challenge, so I had to come up with several solutions that were immediately approved by the customers.

The plan was to present the story of the restaurant in a simple and minimalist way, as well as the product menu to be easily accessible to customers, so my decisions had to be easily integrated with the existing system, while also still maintaining the overall look and feel of the rest of the website.

An image about used color and fonts on this project
An Mockup of the page on different screens
An Mockup of the page on different screens
An Mockup of the page on a laptop
An Mockup of the whole homepage
An Mockup of the page on mobile screens
An Mockup of the page on an Computer and an laptop