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Logo Design

I had the pleasure of crafting a logo for the Marasco Charitable Foundation, a heartfelt organization dedicated to aiding children in need. The goal was to create a logo that embodied the foundation's mission while fostering its growth.

In response to the brief, which requested a minimalist yet meaningful design, I focused on incorporating the abbreviation "MCF" while crafting a compelling icon to accompany it. Beneath the abbreviation, the full name of the foundation was delicately presented in a smaller font size.

The icon itself carries profound symbolism: a child with outstretched arms, symbolizing openness and warmth, ready to embrace an adult figure. The circular shape represents the child's head, while the rounded rectangle forms their raised arm. Notably, the arrangement of these elements forms a subtle heart shape, infusing the logo with an added layer of meaning and helping the foundation stand out in a crowded market.

The final design resonated deeply with the team, aligning seamlessly with the essence of the Marasco Charitable Foundation and its noble cause.

An image about used color and fonts on this project
Logo-Icon MockUp
Branding Mockup
Bag and Brochure-Folder Mockup
Final Logo MockUp